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Ardmore High School

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ACS Band at SEOBDA All-District Clinic and Concert

7th grade band:
14th chair clarinet-Justin Comer
4th alternate trumpet-Jacob Johnson
6th chair tuba-Fermin Avila
8th/9th grade band:
10th chair clarinet-Jackson Arthur
15th chair clarinet-Paige Wilkins
3rd alternate alto sax-Jessica Johnson
12th chair trumpet-Michael Swanson
4th chair tuba-Skye Shepherd
High school band:
5th chair clarinet-Katie Long
4th alternate alto sax-Ethan Childs
1st chair trumpet-Landon Johnson
5th chair trumpet-Linh Nguyen
3rd alternate French horn-Madalyne Alvarez
1st alternate trombone-Aaron Henninger
8th and 9th Grade Band Members
Pictured left to right-Paige Wilkins, Jackson Arthur, Skye Shepard, and Michael Swanson
7th Grade Band Members
Pictured left to right-Justin Comer, Jacob Johnson, and Fermin Avila
High School Band Members
Pictured left to right-Linh Nguyen, Landon Johnson, and Kaitlyn Long