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Ardmore High School

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Meet senior Pom Member, Jessica Cajina

Dancing has been an enormous part of Cajina’s life since she was 3 years old.  She has been a member of the Pom team since the 7th grade and loves it.  Jessica would like to thank her Mom and Dad for always making everything possible and she appreciates the sacrifices they made to help her achieve her goals.  She would also like to thank her brothers, sisters, teachers, pom girls,  and most importantly God for believing in her and loving her for who she is.  “I can’t believe how immensely blessed I am to be surrounded by such a beautiful community and be offered so many life changing opportunities.”  Jessica is also involved in National Honor Society, Leaflets, student council and drama/debate.  Outside of school she is a member of Broadway Bound Academy of Dance, and the Brass Ring Center for Performing Arts.